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Mobile Application Development Tips and Tricks

Mobile Application Development Tips and Tricks - The amount of people using the mobile phones is increasing rapidly everyday. Mobile applications have always fascinated the users using their amazing performance. The apps augment the functionality and utility of the favorite device and setting their own trend already in the market. Mobile application development is some sort of flourishing industry and doesn't seem to fade away in the regional future.

Grabbing this lucrative opportunity, Mobile applications developers are leaving no stone unturned to make apps that are fast lading, feature-rich and high on performance. To make sure the success of your mobile app they make use of several tips and tricks. Lets use a quick glimpse at the suggestions that ensures the success of your mobile app.

Focus on End-User Expertise

The mobile application should be simple to operate and still be able to serve the point it was designed for. Prime importance should be given to the preferences with the end-user, be it a business app or even a personalized app. It need should be perfect in itself, it should be something to use optimally. The mobile app developed ought to boost an intuitive and user-friendly interface in ways that even a novice can make use of it without any difficulty.

Mobile Apps Security Must not be Breached

During the mobile program development life cycle, the programmer must put into practice stringent standards for security of the application in order that in no circumstances the safety measures breached or compromised. It always preferable to checkout for the flaws in design and development beforehand just, such that it does not necessarily threaten app, its data or functionality in any way.

Balance Client Objective & End-User Requirements

To strive a balance in between clients objectives and users requirements is quite an ordeal even for veteran mobile apps developers. Though the developer is designing an app for that client's business, it should be obvious to see and use from the user's perspective. If this requirements are not match your app is certain to get lost in the pile. One can not afford in order to sacrifice one for other, there need to be a perfect balance to receive grooving.

If still you lack a mobile app for your small business, then you must be underestimating the particular powers of mobile application improvement. Hire Mobile developer from some sort of reputed company who understanding your requirements and users design a custom made business app, that will assist you to immensely expand your customer starting and business reach.

Free Recharge Trick for All Network 100 % Working

Free Recharge Trick for All Network 100 % Working - Hello friends,this is vijay today i have got lots of request for free recharge trick,And its good because if you are having recharge or Balance than You can use any service without any tension as you all know i have posted many free recharge tricks and all of them still works but as those posts are old people are not able to see them so i have decided to repost it with a Tips that "How i got 10000 rs recharge so far ?".

So first I Will Explain The Trick Very Deeply:
Free Recharge Trick for All Network 100 % Working

Free Recharge Trick for All Network 100 % Working

THis trick is about a company / Website who pays users free recharge by inviting friends to there website. A question will arise in your mind that "Why someone will Pay Free Recharge to anyone?" So the answer is that they are having lots of profit through that, they pays you recharge only when you invite your friends to them.

Instructions To get Free Recharge:

Step 1: Just click on this link , a webpage will apper like the screenshot below:
{If the above link doesn't work Click Here}

Step 2: On the right side you of the page can see a form just fill it out with the required information and click on Signup.
(Note: Dont put wrong email id or mobile number they will send you verification code on both)

Step 3: After that you will redirected to your account Now you will see 10 credits 100 credits on your account on the right top, but you can,t redeem it unless you dont verify your email id and Mobile Number.

Step 4: After verifying your email id and mobile number you will see there are 100 credits in your account (10 credits = 1 Rs.) you need atleast 20 rs. i.e. 200 credits to redeem recharge so now you need to invite your friend.So to Invite your friend just copy your refferal link which is on the top of your account page with heading "Share and win" and send that link to your friend when he will join the pickzup through your refferal link you will be payed 50 credits i.e. 5 rs. per invited friend.
(Note: You will be payed only if your friend have verified his email id and mobile number so tell them to do the same)

Step 5: You can invite infinite friends and each invitation will pay you 5 rs. so hurry and start the process.

Tips To Get More Free Recharge:

So as i have promissed to tell my secret how i get the recharge its here:
* Just post your refferal link to your facebook wall with a text "Get free recharge"
*Put useful comments on others blog with your refferal link it works most.
* Put your refferal link on forums or comment box of youtube or yahoo.
* Give answers in Yahoo answer with your refferal link.


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Free Recharge Trick 100 % Working in all India By Mobile Hack Tricks

Hey Frnz!!! Wish u a very very Happy Rakshabandhan  To all my readers On a very good occasion i am posting an very special recharge trick the trick is 100 % working It is personally Tested by me and it worked very perfectly the trick is founded by our Pro admin Vijay Varma And tested by our all other pro admins and it worked for all of us Try this it does not have any type of risk.

The Trick:-

Step 1. You Have To Just Sign Up On The below Given Link 
Sign Up Here

Step 2. And you Will get Rs. 2 for it after that u have Confirm your E-mail Id and you will get Rs. 2 again with it.

Step 3. You can even send free sms after signing up and you will be paid 2 ps. / sms 

Step. 4  Invite your friends and you will be paid Rs. 1 for each sign up through your referal link.
             i have mentioned my referal link above
Step 5. When you will reach Rs. 10 on your account u can recharge

In thgis way u can earn many recharge Try This And Comment about it on facebook

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Free Tata Docomo Caller Tunes Trick 100% Working

Free Tata Docomo Caller Tunes Trick 100% Working 

 Free Tata Docomo Caller Tunes Trick 100% Working

Hiii Frnzz!!! Here is The Trick To use free caller tune for tata docomo users the trick is discovered and tested by me try this at low balance and dont forget to like us on facebook and invite ur frns to like us too.......ty

First of all Call this number 550552(tollfree)

for activation and do what the system says.

Call me tune will be free only for 10 days so after

10 days call this number 155223 to deactivate call me tune.

After deactivation again activate it after 5 minutes

Enjoy for lifetime

9 Best Registry Hacks / Tricks For Windows

Hello Friends, Good Evening It is defined in every system and can do everything in your system if you go deep in it.Here i am going to describe top 10 registry tricks or can say hack which i have implemented on my system and feel very useful for any change and security of your system.Before keeping hands in registry if your regisrty is disabled first enable it. Another trick for remove or add items on right click of mouse discussed in our previous post.these are 10  trrick:

1.Display legal notice on startup:

Wanna make your friends afraid by displaying about there secrets while Windows start? Well you can do it pretty easily by displaying a secret message about him at system start up.
Goto Start–>Run–>Regedit

“legalnoticecaption”=”enter your notice caption”
“legalnoticetext”=”enter your message text here”

2.Automatic Administrator Login:

We all know Windows Xp is not a secured OS as Linux.Well here’s the trick which you can use to prove that Windows XP is not at all secure as multi-user operating system. Hacking the system registry from any account having access to system registry puts you in to the administrator account.
Goto Start–>Run–>Regedit

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]

3.Remove Shutdown Option:

Wanna play with your friends by removing the shutdown option from start menu in their computer.

Goto Start–>Run–>Regedit


4.Speed Up Menu Display:

When using the Start menu then you will notice a delay between different tiers of the menu hierarchy. For the fastest computer experience possible I recommend changing this value to Zero. This will allow the difference tiers to appear instantly.
When using the Start menu then you will notice a delay between different tiers of the menu hierarchy. For the fastest computer experience possible I recommend changing this value to Zero. This will allow the difference tiers to appear instantly. Start –> Run (Windows + R) –>Regedit.

Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

Select MenuShowDelay from the list on the right.

Right click on it and select Modify.

Change the value to 0.

Reboot your computer.

5.GPEDIT.MSC And Autoplay:

A great tweaking file that comes with XP is gpedit.msc.
Go to Start -> Run–>gpedit.msc and press enter.
This is effectively the Policies Editor, and it comes in handy often.
For example, if you hate CD autoplay and want to permanently disable it, you can use this tool to do so.
Just run gpedit.msc, then go to Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> System.
In here you can see the value ‘Turn Off Autoplay’. Right-click on it and then click ‘Properties’.

6.Speeding Up Share Viewing:

This is a great tweak. Basically, when you connect to another computer with Windows XP, it checks for any Scheduled tasks on that computer – a fairly useless task, but one that can add up to 30 seconds of waiting on the other end – not good! Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to disable this process. First, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Explorer/RemoteComputer/NameSpace in the Registry. Below that, there should be a key called {D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF}. Just delete this, and after a restart, Windows will no longer check for scheduled tasks – much performance improvement!

7.Increasing options in add/remove programs:

Not a fan of MSN Messenger? don’t want Windows Media Player on your system? Fair enough, but if you go to Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, by default none of Windows XP’s ‘built in’ programs are visible. it’s fairly easy to change, though… just open the file X:\Windows\inf\sysoc.inf (where X: is the drive letter where Windows XP is installed) in Notepad. You should see a section of the file something like this:

IndexSrv_System = setupqry.dll,IndexSrv,setupqry.inf,,7
TerminalServer=TsOc.dll, HydraOc, TsOc.inf,hide,2

This is a list of all components installed at the moment. I’ve taken the example of MSN Messenger – the program entry called ‘msmsgs’, third-last line. You can see the word ‘hide’ highlighted – this is the string which tells Windows not to display the component in the Add/Remove Programs list. Fix this up by simply deleting the word ‘hide’ like so:


To this:


Now, after restarting, you should be able to see MSN Messenger in the Add/Remove Programs list. If you want to be able to quickly view and remove all components, simply open the sysoc.inf file and do a global find and replace for the word “,hide” and replace it with a single comma “,”.

8.Automatically Kill Programs At Shutdown:

Do you get irrated seeing  message boxes telling you that a program is still running during Shutdown? Making it so that Windows automatically kills applications running is a snap. Simply navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER–>Control Panel–>Desktop directory in the Registry, then alter the key AutoEndTasks to the value 1.

9.Create a Shortcut to Lock Your Computer

You can double-click a shortcut on your desktop to quickly lock the keyboard and display without using CTRL+ALT+DEL or a screen saver.

To create a shortcut on your desktop to lock your computer:

1. Right-click the desktop.
2. Point to New, and then click Shortcut.
3. The Create Shortcut Wizard opens.

4. In the text box, type the following:
rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation
5. Click Next.
6. Enter a name for the shortcut. You can call it “Lock Your Pc” or choose any name you like.
7. Click Finish.

To change the icon:

8. Right click the shortcut and then select Properties.
9. Click the Shortcut tab, and then click the Change Icon button.
10. In the Look for icons in this file text box, type:
11. Click OK.
12. Select one of the icons from the list and then click OK.
13. You could also give it a shortcut keystroke such CTRL+ALT+L. This would save you only one keystroke from the normal command, but it could be more convenient.
10.How To Enable Or Disable USB Pendrive Access
Usually Pendrive access is restricted in Colleges and Offices due to Virus Problems.Worms Spread across the Computers in Organisations and causes trouble to System Administrator.So some of the administrator blocks the USB ports so that system does not get infected by this way.You can also disable and re-enable your system’s USB ports by a simple Registry trick

To disable the access to USB port, in windows XP and 2000:

1. Click Start–>Run.
2. Type regedit, and then click OK.
3. Locate, and then click the following registry key:
4. In the right pane, double-click Start.
5. In the Value data box, type 4, click Hexadecimal (if it is not already selected), and then click Ok.
6. Quit Registry Editor.

To re-enable a disabled port:

1. Click Start–>Run.
2. Type regedit, and then click OK.
3. Locate, and then click the following registry key:
4. In the right pane, double-click Start.
5. In the Value data box, type 3, click Hexadecimal (if it is not already selected), and then click Ok.
6. Quit Registry Editor.

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List Of Airtel Proxies For using Free GPRS (Download Supported)

Hello Friends!! Here are some of old and new airtel Proxies Just Try Them And enjoy free GPRS these proxies are not 3g they are bit slow but good i have tried some of them not all only some, so try and also report about it to us through the cpmment box below the post.

Free Airtel Proxies:

1. Airtel New FrontQuery for Opera Mini

Create new settings with following settings

Proxy -
Port -  80

Use Opera Mini (Download Opera handler)

front query- hl=http/
OR e=http/

Proxy type-   real host Proxy server-


2. New Airtel Working SSl Supported Proxies

So create new setting

Name-  wap9team


Homepage-  Any site which opening free in default browser.

Proxy-   put any one of these

Done Enjoy

3. Old Airtel Highspeed Proxy 

Create New Settings with Follopwing

Proxy:  or  or
Home page:   or

If Not Working Change The combinations Of HP and Homepage.

4. Airtel Resume Supported Proxy.

Create New Settings With Following:

Account Name:
Proxy:  or
Port:   80
Homepage:  or

Done Enjoy and Hit A like On Facebook.

Note: If You Don't have an Handler Application Then You Can Download It From Here

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How To Know Who Unfriend You On Facebook?

Hello Friends!! Good Morning .Today Facebook is the largest social networking site. Almost everyone who uses Internet are having Facebook account.So taught to start posting some tricks and tips on my blog about    Facebook so that your social networking skills could develop and you will have good online Friends.Guys remember one thing don't accept a friend request from an unknown people on Facebook cause they can be  psychic who will post abusive things on your wall or may be an hacker who will take your personal information for any destructive purpose.

How to Know Who Unfriend Us ?

So friends as we all know that Facebook does not provide information about who unfriend us and who have visited our profile ? and we all are curious to know these things because it seems to be quite annoying that someone has unfriend us so i am going to tell you the way to recognize who have unfriend / blocked us.


I am going to tell you one applications to know who unfriends you on Facebook.

Follow these steps:

1.Goto Facebook Unfriend Finder. this an Facebook application like poker, Birthday reminder, etc

2.Select your browser and follow the steps in it.

3.After installing it will show the unfriends button in the left sidebar in firefox.

4.In Google Chrome it will be installed as a extension.

5. Now you can know who have unfriend you........ so now you can know who is your good buddy who is the bad one?

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This is my one more post on Bsnl Free Gprs trick.
This is personally tested by me & all of this credit is going to our Group member Krish007 because he is the one who developed this trick. SO without any more discussion here is the trick.

 NOTE:) This trick is working in few states ,It is not working in northern region of India.
Working in few southern state you have to create a profile of the setting as below .

Below are the settings for it 

APN: celloneportal
Proxy: OR
Port: 8080

Save it & NJOY the free GPRS for unlimited...........

Bsnl Free GPRS Trick-August 2012, Working

 Heyy guyss!!!

Today I come up with a new Free GPRS trick on the BSNL.hope it might works in the august 2012 .Follow the simple steps to get Free GPRS in your mobile.

Port:- 9209
Home Page:-


Try This Trick @ Low Balance but minimum 1 rupess.
This Trick Is Working Fine In MP And Chhattisgarh.
Try This In Your State And Don’t Forget to like us on FACEBOOK!!

Free Unlimited Calling Trick For Android and Iphone

Hey frendz...u heard right.
Make free calls all over India via Android/Iphone.

Just Download application for free from Android market, install it and make free calls all over country.
It works in many countries including India.

The name of the application is CrowdCall.

Download the application from the below link
Step 1.Download and install the application (Crowdcall)

Step 2. After installing open the app and enter ur own phone number.

Step 3. After that open it and enter ur frend's number or any other u r goign to call

Step 4. After entering someones mobile number u will receive an unknown call. Pick up the call and listen to and press "1" when instructed.

Stwp 5. After that dont disconnect call..during that process the person u r calling will receive call and after receiving call that person also have to press 1

Step 6. Enjoy free calling 

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How To Root Samsung Galaxy S3 / Root Tutorial

Hey Guys!! 
This tutorial will guide you through the steps to root Galaxy S3. This tutorial will help you to setup ClockworkMod recovery to the recovery partition and superuser file. Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 is safer than S2, because in S II the recovery partition was a part of the kernel. There was high-risk of phone brick. Thanks to Samsung, they’ve followed Nexus’ way and made recovery partition separate from kernel. Thus, making it safer to root.

Warning: Even if it’s safer than S2, there are chances that your phone might brick. Root your device at your own risk.
This tutorial is for GT-I9300 and GT-I9300T ONLY. Check your phone model by going to “Settings” -> “About Device” and confirm “Model Number” from there. If you try to follow this method for any other model or device, it might not work. The chances of phone brick are always there. Enough of warning. Steps to root, on your way.

What you need before starting the rooting process:

A computer with Windows operating system.

Micro USB cable to connect your phone to system.

At least 50% battery charge. If you’re conservative, you can go for full charge too.

Note: If you end up Kernel panic mode, do not panic! Just run ODIN, and flash the files again.

Read the warning again. Nobody except you will be responsible for any damage to your device. Neither me, nor Samsung.

Still here? 1) Okay then, hold down the 3 keys namely, volume down, home and power button for a few seconds. Keep the position till something happens. By something I mean, your device will reset and show a screen to go into download mode.

2) Press volume increase key to enter into download mode.

3) Now you can connect your Samsung Galaxy S III to the computer via Micro USB cable.

4) DownloadGalaxyS3Root zip file. There are 3 files in the package CF-Root-SGS3-v6.1.tar, odin3 v1.85.exe and Odin3.ini. Unzip them.

5) Open device manager to confirm that you have required drivers installed. If you can see “Samsung Mobile USB CDC Composite Device” there, you’re good to go. Otherwise, you need to download Samsung Kies. Install it, and re-plug the mobile.

6) Go the files extracted in step 5. Open Odin3 v1.85.exe. You will see a window with a COM number in a box highlighted with yellow colour. The only thing matters here is the colour of the box, if it’s not yellow that means something’s not correct. You can try some tweaks like, killing Kies process from Windows task manager, re-installing drivers, rebooting system, etc.

7) Hit the ‘PDA’ button and select CF-Root-SGS3-v6.1.tar file we got by unzipping, in step 5. Then, click “Start”.

8) Just a few moments, and your phone will restart, giving you ClockworkMod recovery with root.

If you get “PASS” on desktop screen – cheer up! Everything is fine till now.

9) It will automatically reboot into ClockworkMod recovery and install some files.

After successful reboot, you will see an app named “SuperSU” in app drawer. It is the Superuser app.

10) To verify if you got root access or not, try opening an app which needs root access to function. You can try AirDroid screenshot feature, Titanium Backup, or any other app. Once you will open any such app, you will see superuser request pop-up. Grant access whenever you see this window.

That’s it! You now own a rooted Samsung Galaxy S3. To get into ClockworkMod recovery anytime, just hold the 3 keys, volume up, center home and power button for a few seconds.

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Get Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard for Your Android Phone

Hey Guyzz!! Here is the trick to make your Android Keypad looks like keypad in Android Ice cream Sandwich

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest version of Android OS. Google Nexus, which is the latest addition to the Android Smartphone, is going to be launched with Ice Cream Sandwich. If you own an Android Smartphone which is running on Android 2.2 Froyo or higher, then you can get this keyboard for your device without root.

After installing this app you can get ICS keyboard for your smartphone. Go to Settings -> Locale and Text and select Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard.


Multitouch keyboard
User dictionary, built-in dictionary
Configurable auto correction
Redesigned and optimized keyboard layout and style
Speech to text (select languages only)
Custom vibration intensity (haptic feedback)
Long press “Enter” key to bring up smiley alternatives
Long press on “/” key in URL mode to bring up domains
Please note that it is in Beta version so you may expect some bugs in it. When I installed it on Galaxy Ace, some of the keyboard buttons were going out of the screen. I think it supports screen size same of Galaxy S2.

Facebook Tricks And Tips for Better Social Networking

Hello Frnz!! today I am posting some facebook tricks.I already posted many Facebook Tips and Tricks. This time I wanted to place all the Facebook Tips and Tricks at one place and make a huge collection of all the best Facebook Tricks.

1.Watch Streaming TV Live on Facebook:

There is a Facebook Application that provides free streaming live TV channels on Facebook.You can watch a lot of International Channels using this Application.I am able to watch live channels without buffering on my 2G connection.This application is totally at free of cost.2012 Olympics are also broadcasted on this channel.

Application Used:

2.Send SMS from Facebook:

Yes you are right now you can send sms from facebook.There are no country restrictions.You can send sms to any country.The message sending is instant and takes only few seconds to reach the destination.All this is possible with a cool facebook application.
*Login to your Facebook Account.
*Go to this Facebook Chat Application.
*Check the below screenshot how it looks like.
*Select your country.
*Then in the next line enter the mobile number to which you want to send sms.
*After that enter your message that you want to deliver.

*You can send only sms upto 100 characters long.
*You can only send 4 SMS per day.
*Dont do any illegal things with this service as it will first display your name at the beginning of the message.

3.Create a Video With Your Pictures on Facebook:

You can easily create a video with your Facebook Pictures.To create a video with your facebook photos go to[click here].

4.Delete Facebook Account Permanently:

Most of them are confused between deleting and deactiving their Facebook Account.Deactivationg is completely different from deleting your account permanently.To avoid confusion just follow the below link to delete your facebook account permanently.
Delete Facebook Permanently.

5.Trick to see who is online when you are offline:

Sometimes it becomes necessary to check who is online which being offline.At such times there is a very cool Facebook Application which can make your job easy.Use the below application to know who are online while you are offline.

6.Trick to publish empty status:

Login to your facebook account.Then click on update status and enter the following code and hit enter.

@[2:2: ]

7.How to find who deleted/Unfriended you on facebook?

You can find who deleted or unfriended you on facebook using an application called who delete me[click here].
This application will back up all your friends list when you sign up for the first time and notifies via mail whenever there is a change in your friends list.

8.Download Videos From Facebook For Free:

To download videos from facebook go to[click here]
There put the Facebook Url of video and your video will be ready to download.

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Reliance Free Gprs Trick Opera Mod July 2012

Hey guyzz!!

get free reliance GPRS 100% working, brought to you by in association with

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Reliance Free 100% Working Gprs Trick Hack For Opera Mini-2012
First of all make a new setting In your mobile

Note:-For 100% working use opera 6.5 OR 5.1

Set Apn As: rcomnet

Set Port As: 80

Set Proxy:

home page:

Opera backquery type on any handle
and use below
(1)? ,
(2)?z006.fma.m ,

Reliance Free 100% Working Gprs Trick Hack For Ucweb-2012
Set Apn As: rcomnet OR rcomwap

Set Port As: 80

In Uc Handler backquery put--?

Download any handler but strongly i recommend opera 6.5 and 5.1 and put any of these backquery in handler and enjoy free reliance gprs trick 2012

Vodafone Free 30GB Data In Kerala And 6GB Data In Rest Of India.

Hey Guyzz This Trick Will Give You Free 30 GB Data in Kerala and 6GB Data in rest of India Usage!!!!

Vodafone 30GB net pack...It is perfectly checked and working in kerala. so for activating you have to just follow this process..

Send Sms BONUS 149 TO 144

and you will receive 2 msg shortly and for unlimited use send as many times as you can.

Friends just do the steps as mentioned below:-

Please try this trick below Rs1
Just Type ACT FB and Send it to 144 .

After Sometime you will get Confirmation message that 6144 MB is credited to your Account and Valid For 6 Months .

Note:-If you want to Increase your Data Usage then Repeat this Process Again and Again.



                       -----((( Just follow these simple steps to check your friend's balance. )))----

STEP I - Dial 09045012345 
STEP II - Choose you language [e.g. Press 2 for English] 
STEP III - Now press 1 if you are a Docomo Customer. 
STEP IV - ENTER docomo number of your friend 
STEP V - Press 1 to confirm. 
STEP VI - Now again press 1 to CHECK HIS BALANCE, if customer care says "TO KNOW YOUR BALANCE JUST TYPE "BAL" AND SEND IT TO 121", then no problem disconnect the call and repeat the procedure again. . .

You can aslo use this use this short code - 0945012345p1p1p friend number p1p1 

Enjoy Checking Balance :)
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Reliance Free Gprs Trick With New Proxy July 2012

Hello Frnz!!! Here is The Trick To use free GPRS on Reliance I hope all of u will like my work........TY:-)

This Trick  is a proxy Trick u Should use a handler application to replace the Settings with the following
Proxy :

Port : 80

APN : Rcomwap Or Rcomnet

Home Page :
[Note: Dont use any Other homepage]

If u are new to proxy settings u should download Opera mini
Or  Ucweb .Working Great With Them.

How to Identify Promotional Calls

Promotional calls are like nightmares, if promotional calls are allowed on your mobile number. One of my friend has not registered his number under DND, he is using Uninor SIM card he get so many calls from Uninor. A day he got 8 missed calls in just half an hour, missed calls because he had not received any calls.

To get rid of promotional calls you must register your  mobile number for DND. TRAI has many strict rules for promotional calls and SMS, otherwise users were victim of service provider company along with other promotional calls and SMS.

So TRAI has made clear rules to identify promotional calls so you can identify these calls without receiving. Now all the promotional calls start with 911 as 911402310576. If you see a number is starting with 911 you are sure it is a promotional call from your service provider or any other company.

Free BSNL 3G Trick / Hack July 2012

Guyzzz... Here is the trick to use free 3G on BSNL Its 100% working in Maharashtra hope work evrey where in india
Just Create a new settings for gprs

Proxy Or IP:

Port: 9209



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How To Get Free Premium Rapid Share Accounts

Hii evry1 !! I am Back with very intresting and amazing trick to download with premium account on Rapid Share...
You really can use any tools you want these days that can crack rapidshare. just create a good config for the tool of your choice, and you should be fine this tutorial only shows you one  to crack rapidshare, it should give you an overview on the topic enjoy:

ok, so now im gonna show you my way of cracking rapidshare accounts! this is the way i am doing it, This is the best one of all.

Notice: if you want to use a userlist to crack rapidshare, then read from the beginning. if you want to use a random combolist, then please skip to step 2.

so, there are two programs you need:

Epic Leech:

1. Getting userlist
to crack rapidshare accounts you gotta aim on that people that most likely own a rapidshare account. people that own a rapidshare account, most likely want to download something. so they register on warez sites.

Thats where we step in:
We use epic leech, to leech the usernames from warez forums to use them as our userlist later. if you are not familiar with epic leech or don't know how to make configs for it, you should read some tutorials about it.

update: you might want to use Forum Leecher by morituri these days, really good program to leech usernames

so, now we got many users and we hope that many of them own a rapidshare account with the same username! it doesn't matter how many users are in your list, can be 100 or 300k.

2. Getting proxies:
if you want to crack rapidshare, then you should already know how to get a proxylist. if you don't know, check our tutorial section or search on google please

3. Setting up Villain:
you open up villain and go to the list options tab. there you either load the leeched userlist from step 1 and a passwordlist (not needed if you want to crack Name as Pass!), or you load your random combolist. whatever you prefer

now you go to the profile options tab and click then go to your villain folder, open the profiles folder in it, and load the

ok, now you go to the proxies tab. i've marked and numbered the now mentioned steps on the screener:

1) Load your proxies there
2) Scan the loaded proxies now
3) This is where the WORKING PROXIES will appear
4) Click this, to send to working proxies to "valid proxies" box
5) This is where the valid proxies will now appear
6) Click this, to send the valid proxies to box 7)
7) The proxies that appear in that box are actually the proxies villain is going to use from now on.

Now you switch to user/pass options tab. if you loaded a single userlist but no passwordlist, you have to tick "Name as Password" here. the other options are mostly self explaining. if you don't know what they mean, i'd advise you to read some more tutorials

you may now go to crack options tab and select your sockets and timeout. this depends on your connection and many more things. i'd say, if you set your sockets around 30 and timeout between 10k and 15k, then you're good!

now you hit START and let it run your hits will appear on the list options tab!

after you cracked an amount of accounts, you can check them, using any working rapidshare checker!
hope you like my tutorial
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